Bibliography Information

This book targets an age of 12+. While dealing with a significant event in United States history, I found it difficult to find books that targeted the same age range as this book (I actually only found a few YA books). Therefore, I tried to find books that cover age ranges of J to YA to FIC and Nonfiction. I used information I found on the web as well as my own judgment and analysis of parts of the books I could find to determine if it could be appropriate for a certain age range. Since our book applies from Grades 6-11, there are books that are intended for 16 years old and up or 18 years olf and up.

It is also important that you know our book had chapters that dealt with specific people or topics within the Civil Rights Movement. This is why you will find books in the bibliography that deal with a specific person or a specific concept (i.e. lynching or Medgar Evers).