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Book Promotion
Due May 2nd

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When students visit the library or the library website, it's a great opportunity to share some recommendations with kids. It’s important to publicize your collection in a variety of ways. Many students will look for recommendations when they visit the library in person. However, not all students chose to visit the library when you work in a middle school or high school. To reach those students, using technology is important.

Create a promotion to publicize a book, author, genre or topic in your library. You can make it a face-to-face promotion, like a book display or a bulletin board, or an online promotion, like a video or podcast.

Some examples:
An Animoto video of recommended books for middle school boys
A podcast of you booktalking the hottest new high school books for spring
A playlist for recommended romances for Valentine's Day (be sure to tie the music to some books!)
A book display for African American History Month
A bookmark & poster with recommendations for girls who like to read Sarah Dessen’s books

For more ideas on how to use technology to promote reading, visit the Reading 2.0 Wiki. Instructions for most of the ideas are included on the wiki. Most of the software or sites are web based or open source, which means they're free.

You’ll be required to share your promotion on the wiki and possibly in class (if we have time!). So, if you plan a face-to-face promotion, please be sure to plan a way to share it with your classmates. If you do a book display or bulletin board, be sure to take pictures of it (or videotape yourself doing a “tour” of it). If you’d like to plan a series of booktalks, videotape or audio record yourself doing the booktalks (doesn’t have to be to a class; you can be booktalking to the camera) so we can hear/see them.

You must include a list of titles you’ve promoted. On your list, please include at least the title and author so your classmates can find the books you’re promoting.