Discussion Leader - Chris
1) Recently PBS aired a 5 hour documentary by Ken Burns title Prohibition, I've included a link here if you care to watch the 3 episodes online:

What are some of the issues and people that are showcased in both the documentary and the book Bootleg? Do they receive the same treatment in each medium?

2) To what degree do you think the economic situation the United States was in during the 1930's contributed to the repeal of prohibition?

3) Do you feel there is anyone living today that takes the role of Morris Sheppard or Carrie Nation? If so who and what makes you think so?

4) Do you feel the ills of alcohol are still plaguing the U.S.? What has changed since the time that led up to prohibition?

5) Al Capone is a central figure in the book. What do you feel made him so successful? Do you think any recent criminals match his notoriety? If so, who and why?

Teacher - Denyse
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Click here to access an annotated listing of books related to the prohibition era.

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Below is a link to "The 454 Club", a prohibition pathfinder that I created.