To view the discussion board for each week:
  • Start from the "Home" page of the wiki
  • Click on the link for that week
  • Click on the icon in the upper right corned w/the discussion"bubbles"
  • Click on the instructor's original post to see the prompt for the week
  • Be sure to read all posts and replies written by classmates and the instructor.

Writing and responding to discussion boards:
Discussion board posts are designed to help focus on the topic and relate the topic to the student’s own experiences. You may choose to write a thoughtful post in direct response to the instructor's initial discussion prompt, or to respond to a comment/post written by a classmate. See the "Discussion Strategies" handout posted above for ideas on how you can respond.
Required: You are required to respond to 10 posts, allowing you to "skip" six weeks if you so choose.
Length: Approximately 200 – 300 constituted a "thoughtful" post. Sometimes you'll write more, sometimes less

Credit/Grade: You'l receive full credit for discussion posts if it is apparent you're contributing to the discussion with thoughtful responses and responding to issues raised by other students.